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An ideal option for residential lighting, low voltage recessed can lights use a transformer to down convert normal 120 or 277 house voltages into 12-volts. Though low voltage recessed lights come in all types of lamps, the most typical sources are halogen and xenon in the following lamp connection types:

  • MR16
  • GU10
One of the most common mistakes people make is confusing a low voltage with a low wattage, leading some to believe that energy-efficient LED or fluorescent lamp types must fall under the LV category. This is incorrect, as wattage refers to the amount of electricity consumed while voltage refers to the electromotive force of the current. For instance, higher voltage housings can accept very low wattage lamps and vice-versa.

The advantage of a low voltage recessed light includes:

  • Tighter lighting cone focus
  • Lower voltage lamps will last up to 3x as long
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